freedom  my one word for 2014

Freedom. It’s my word for 2014. I’ve had it picked out for several months now. One day in September it just came to me, and I’ve held onto it since then. I can’t fully express what ‘freedom’ means to me as I anticipate the coming 12 months, but every time I mull over that word, it just floods my soul with resolve & hope. My friend made a necklace for me with “freedom” etched on it, and I know it will be a wonderful reminder to me every time I wear it.

2014 is untouched. A blank canvas. This new year will hold many new ventures for us, and I grow more excited the more I think of it. My fears for the coming year and the unknown it holds are growing dim the more I choose to hope for good.

I hope to build new friendships & strengthen old ones

I hope to deepen my love for the gospel & care for others more freely

More enjoying these precious times with just me & Jeff

less screen time & more reading & journaling

More chats over coffee

Less assuming, more grace

More thrifting, flea markets, nesting, & more visits to the farmer’s market

Less processed foods & more whole eating

More rejoicing in the baby steps & less stressing over imperfections

More settling down

More laughter.

Cheers to 2014.


Last year, my word was “consistency,” and I blogged about it here.



  1. Ah…many good memories of our conversations over our words last year. I still love my necklace you gave me and it’s truly my favorite thing to wear! What an encouragement and rock it was as I came off of 2012. May you not only know, but feel God’s presence this year, friend. May the gospel continue to shape and mold your perspective…it is something we never quite grow out of!!!

    • Yes! Those were some good conversations. I remember those were some pivotal months around the first of the year. I’m glad you’re still enjoying the necklace. I am pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed wearing mine & how well it served as a reminder of my word . I knew I needed another one for this year. Thank you for your encouragement & taking the time to read & comment here. Means a bunch!


  2. GREAT word! This is so closely to what I chose as well. I can whole heartedly relate.

    • Thank you, Susanna! I commented on your post as well, but it seems to have disappeared? Your word is fantastic and I can definitely see the similarities in our words. I appreciate you linking to me, too. So sweet of you! This is going to be a wonderful year.

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